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ELMOD Adapter for Tamiya(R) Tanks

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 Adapter for Tamiya(R) Tanks

This adapter is for easy integraton of the ElMod ThinkTank TankModule ECO/PRO in a Tamiya(R) tank. It provides terminals for turret rotation motor, elevation motor, lights and MG muzzle flash. The original Tamiya(R) cables and connectors may be plugged directly to the adapter. No soldering is necessary.


Scope of delivery



The adapter supports the following parts of the Tamiya(R) tank:

  • Motor for turret rotation
  • Motor for main gun elevation
  • Vehicle's lighting (front and rear light)
  • MG muzzle flash (LED)

The Tamiya(R) main gun muzzle flash (xenon flash) is not supported!


The adapter should be connected with the 8-pin turret group connector of the ElMod ThinkTank TankModule ECO/PRO (see picture below). The terminals and their polarity are described on the adapter.


Adapter which is plugged to the TankModule ECO or PRO